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Disposable items for your business.  


Packaging and take-away items

Cardboard salad bowls.

Cardboard takeaway boxes, Biodegradable items, recyclable plastic items, etc.

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Caixa Reciclaveis | Loja dos Descartáveis

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Who we are

Loja dos Descartáveis is a company specialized in the sale of items and packaging for take away, you can find several disposable items in our store, cardboard cups, cardboard salad bowl, take away box, cutlery, soup boxes among others.

We are a young and dynamic company, we work daily to offer the best solutions and advice for our customers.

We deliver in Greater Lisbon free of charge and ship throughout the country by carrier.

If you have any questions or concerns, we will be available to help you, please contact us through the available means.

Saladeira | Loja dos Descartáveis
Copos Reciclaveis | Loja dos Descartáveis


Save water, cleaning products and time.

According to a study by Canal de Isabel II, the average water consumption in manual washing of dishes in Madrid is 88.8 l and consumption in the dishwasher is 54.2 liters. This means that 2,664 liters of water are wasted if we wash by hand and 1,626 liters if we use a dishwasher. A very high consumption of water and energy considering that it is only a small part of the total water used in a household.

What you do with your trash says a lot about you. Recycle your habits, produce less waste.

Copos de gelado | Loja dos Descartáveis
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